I went through many different kinds of woods before I decided to use Cocobolo wood. The reasons for me using this as my main wood for making bagpipes is that it produces an awesome and clear mellow tone. It's as if it melts the bass and tenor harmonics together producing a very "one" sound between the bass and tenor drones, the resulting harmonics are simply excellent, bouncing all the way up the scale off the chanter. My drones produce a very strong B harmonic with an E overtone as well. It is also very stable wood, that will help you stay in tune longer. It is also naturally highly water-resistant and a dream to turn.


As for the mounts, I say no to plastic mounted bagpipes. I refuse to mount any of my drones with plastic mounts. I prefer to use natural materials for the projecting mounts and ferrules, such as, wood or metal. Everything on my drones is done or made in-house only.

I make bagpipes one set at a time for the individual piper. Although my pipes may look similar to one another from set to set, rest assured that you are getting a one of a kind set. Like the old world bagpipe makers, I let the wood take me where it wants to go when I turn it. However all of my bagpipes produce the same great tone.

Please note that my bagpipe production is limited. My pipes are completely made by hand and only by me. Therefore, there will most likely be a wait on getting a set of my drones. Please email me for current lead times.